Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3-X50 10" 2/16Gb LTE (ZA0K0025UA) Black

Warranty: 12 months
Color: Black
Volume drive: 32Gb
Diagonal: 10,1

Four ways to use the tablet

View recipes when cooking, check the news on social networks during lunch and watch movies during workouts. In the innovative design of the tablet Yoga Tablet 3-X50 cylindrical battery pack and stand are located on the side of the device, so that the center of gravity is shifted and the device can be used in various modes: book, keyboard, console and picture.

Stunning display

The HD of the Yoga Tab 3-X50 screen turns it into the perfect companion for gaming and web browsing. Incredible brightness provides excellent image quality at any viewing angle and in any light. The image in the games is clear, and the video is just a pleasure to watch.

Presence Audio

Yoga Tab 3-X50 provides a rich surround sound level home theater, which can not boast of any tablet. Two built-in front speakers give you powerful surround sound thanks to Dolby Atmos 3D technology. Loud, clear and lively sound - even without headphones!

PTZ camera

Try new features for shooting wonderful photos or chatting on Skype with the new eight-megapixel camera of the tablet Yoga Tab 3-X50, which can rotate 180 degrees and provides high-definition images. The control system of gestures will allow you to take the desired position and take a picture, just with a wave of your hand.

Record battery life

Yoga Tab 3-X50 runs longer thanks to the battery, beating all records of battery life. With the ability to work up to 18 hours * without recharging, you can watch the two seasons of your favorite series from beginning to end.

* Maximum possible battery life. Actual battery life depends on many factors. For more information, see http://www.lenovo.com/battery-info/

AnyPen technology

Lenovo AnyPen technology defines any conductive device as a stylus. This is very convenient when you use the tablet to record notes, sketches or simply do not want to dirty the screen with dirty hands!

Excellent communication tools

Yoga Tab 3-X50 provides support for high-speed 4G-LTE networks for mobile data transfer and a dual-band Wi-Fi network for stable connectivity over a long distance.

12 months
General information
Volume drive

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