What can a smart clock do today?

There comes a new era - wearable electronics. "Smart" things that you can wear on yourself, already surround us. It's no wonder that the clock has also "grown wiser", turning into full-fledged computers with very wide capabilities. Of course, most of the models presented in the modern market are, first of all, remote controls for smartphones. But even in this capacity, they are very convenient to use. Let's see what the smart clock is capable of?


What is this?

A "smart" clock is a gadget that, like a normal watch, is worn on the wrist. It is attached using a strap. Without a smartphone, most "smart" watches have little to do with anything, except maybe time to show and collect some information. But if you synchronize them with your mobile device, the situation changes immediately.

Smart watches Samsung Gear S are equipped with a touch screen diagonal of 2 inches with a resolution of 480 x 360 pixels. It displays notifications of missed calls and received SMS, information about the time and date.

Notifications and reminders

The main "chip" of all "smart" hours without exception is that they receive messages on their screen about calls and text messages received on your smartphone, news from social networks, as well as reminders of scheduled events, weather forecast, etc. .

With the help of smart watches Sony SmartWatch 3 you can follow the latest weather forecasts. Vibration clock informs about all notifications coming to the smartphone.

This is very convenient, especially in a situation where you do not want to get your smartphone out of your pocket. Let's say you walk down the street, raining rain, and you forgot the umbrella at home. Or you go in a packed bus. If you have a smart clock on your wrist, you can easily see who is calling and reject the call, read or even listen (if the watch has such a function), come to the esemescu, find out that tomorrow there will not be rain.

The Smart Watches Cogito Classic watch case is protected from water penetration, so if the owner falls under the rain, forget to take them off before taking a shower or jumping into the pool, nothing will happen to the device!

On sale you can find gadgets that understand voice commands and even allow you to conduct a telephone conversation without touching the smartphone. Just raise your wrist and speak into the microphone built into the "smart" clock. Such devices are rather an exception than a rule, but they do exist.

"Smart" watches Sony SmartWatch 2 SW 2 allow you to receive or make calls, communicating with an optional plug-in headset. At the same time, the number or name of the caller and all information about the calls made will be displayed on the clock display.

To the joy of athletes

Many "smart" watches can work as fitness trackers: count the number of steps, distance traveled, running speed, monitor the pulse, determine the number of calories burned, which is sure to interest people who want to lose weight. To get the most effective return to your smartphone, you will need to install special applications that analyze the information collected by the clock.

To the "smart" clock Garmin Forerunner 920XT can connect a variety of wireless sensors: a pedometer, heart rate sensors and the speed of the pedals. The collected information can be used to compile individual training programs.

If you need to count something

In "smart" hours, there are certainly several functions that work even without connecting to the smartphone. A typical example is a calculator. It's hardly required for you every day, but there are situations when you can not do without a calculator - and it's just on your wrist.

With the "smart" clock of the Belsis TS1102, the owner can be sure that he will not leave the smartphone on a visit: it is necessary to move away from your device by more than 5 meters as the clock starts to vibrate, reminding you to check the presence of the smartphone.

The function is simple, but extremely useful. Are you sure you always know where your device is? No, I'm not sure? That's also many other people, too, sometimes have to look for a smartphone that has disappeared somewhere. Smart watches send a signal and, if the smartphone is not far away, it will necessarily respond. By the sound you'll find it for sure.

Controlling the player

We have already mentioned that there are situations when it is undesirable or even impossible to take a smartphone out of your pocket. With a smart clock on your hand, you can easily switch the composition, increase or decrease the volume, squeeze the playing song forward or backward without touching the device. And there are models with a built-in player, and now they have every right to be considered something more than just a control panel for a smartphone.

When synchronizing with a smart phone, the "smart" Belsis TS1103 clock turns into a compact, but quite powerful speaker for listening to music. The owner will certainly be satisfied with pure quality sound, distinct bass.

In some models of "smart" watches there was one more curious feature - remote control of the camera. It's no secret that shooting selfies, of course, is fun, but not very convenient, even specialized "safphi" do not always provide the photographer with a decent level of comfort. And now you can, for example, fix a smartphone or tablet on a stand, make sure that you are in the frame, and quietly press the button on the clock.

"Intelligent" watch ALCATEL OneTouch Watch is equipped with a function of remote shutter release, which allows you to take part in the shooting with a company of friends, and the shutter will bring down the "smart" clock.


"Smart" watches can be an interesting detail of the image. For example, geeks like all sorts of gadgets, and the more original they are, the better. But even if you are not a geek and are not very interested in the advanced achievements of modern electronics, you can try to write "smart" watches into your style. As a rule, the image on the dial changes, so every day you can surprise others with the new dial of your watch.


And they show time.

Smart watches LG G Watch never sleep, the time is always displayed on the display, new and useful information.


Buy a smart clock, everyone decides for himself. As you can see, the set of functions is quite wide, but most of them only become meaningful when smart watches work together with a smartphone. However, the inventors are actively working to turn such watches into a more or less independent device.